September 21, 2021


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The pros and cons of being a freelancing content creator

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What is life like as freelancing content creator? Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could create and regulate your own working hours? It certainly does sound a lot better than working the in the restricting 9 to 5 hours.
The pros and cons of being a freelancing content creator.

What is life like as freelancing content creator?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could create and regulate your own working hours? It certainly does sound a lot better than working the in the restricting 9 to 5 hours.

There are many works from home jobs that are surfacing due to the demand of broader skill-sets. This opportunity has been made available by the availability of the internet including the developments in technology, software programs and the knowledge of web developers.

You will begin to see more jobs online, the likes of media-editing, content creating and programming. This increase in online jobs has become just another way for businesses to cut operating costs of having to accommodate hundreds of employees in one working space. It has also been proven through research that long working hours doesn’t increase the productivity of workers due to there being distractions of social media.

What has now been done, is to pay workers based on the amount of work that a worker/freelancer has done. However, the freelancer will be responsible for all the equipment required or the setup of the working environment.

3)Family time, this has luxury, yet

This article will be weighing the pros and cons of a freelancing content creator and determining its actual possibility.

Pros of being a being freelancing content creator:

1)Flexible work hours, this enables you to set up working hours for your personal convenience. If you fancy the idea of getting out of bed and working till late, then freelancing just might be for you.

2)Working from anywhere, this seems a bit bizarre, yet highly possible just as seen in movies. You could be sipping cocktails at the beach and still being in a position to do a little work for a living.

3)Family time, this has luxury, yet an important social aspect of our lives which has been replaced by the daily 9 to 5 hustle and bustle of our lives. However, it is enjoyed by the millions who have gone out of their way to make a living and not being restricted to the office environment. Yes, the beginning may be difficult, but like all jobs, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are the cons of being

4)Social time, as we are social beings, we lose a lot of time of our lives working and forgetting to connect with those close friendships we’ve created. We might not realize how much we mean to those in our friendship circles whilst we’re going about lives. So working from home could award us the opportunity to keep in touch with those most important to us.

5)Happiness, there is nothing worse and more depressing than being stuck in a job that you don’t like, which brings you nothing but misery. Horrible jobs bring millions nothing but depression, especially since you get stuck in that job and realize that your life is still where it was 5 years ago.

6)Productive life, in the sense that you’d be able to work whilst having other commitments such as your studies, or even another little business to focus on. There is personal growth that comes with working for yourself and setting your achievements.

From all the pros, it is certainly heart-warming, however there are cons to the freelancing work from home jobs.

Here are the cons of being a freelancing content creator:

4)There is no fixed income, your

1)You need to invest in everything, from the computer you’ll be using including the internet connectivity. Keep in mind that in countries like South Africa, where internet connectivity is considered the most expensive, data costs $10(R160) per GB of data. These prices make the start-up rather challenging, so it is important to pick your location and content wisely.

2)This job type is purely internet based, so it would be dependent on the development of your country which would be a determining factor(the cons listed above are dependent on your location).

3)Commitment, freelancing as a content creator depends on whether are you in a position to continue to motivate yourself to actually achieve a particular pay-scale.

There is a lot of laziness that creeps in if you work flexible hours, the first 6 months are difficult to get into the rhythm of working for yourself. After 6 months, it becomes routine to wake up, pick up work, prepare a cup of coffee and then start working.

4)There is no fixed income, your income is purely based on the amount of work that you’re cable of doing. This is partially a pro because there is no moment where you’d say that ‘you work harder than others and therefore deserve more.’

The pros and cons of being a freelancing content creator

5)Your income is based on the availability of work, if there is no work available, you’d then have no income generated for that period.

(Note that this is a hypothetical scenario, from months of writing online there has never been a day when there was not work available).

6)In the beginning you are tested outside of your comfort-zone. However, as time goes, you’ll reach a star ranking that allows you to pick work in which you’ll stand out.

7)The art of being a freelancer does become mentally exhausting more especially if you’re not a frequent reader. There are many article writing rules/laws that you most probably won’t be familiar with. Law such as ‘number of words permitted before the next full-stop’, or even the number of words permitted in a paragraph. These article writing laws can however be overcome by taking time to learn them, nothing challenging.

From the pros and cons listed, it’s clear that the pros outweigh the cons, all the cons are based on location, and like all other jobs, there is a lot to be learned before finding rhythm.

Being a freelancing content creator is not just about creating content, working from home and getting paid. There are more skills to be learned from working independently, such as personal time-management, prioritizing tasks in order of importance and commitment.

Freelancing as a content creator will prepare you for perhaps even better jobs, more especially since there is a lot of language skills that you stand to learn from writing.

Freelancing is educational, there is freedom, peace and money to be made. The qualities and skills you gain would be life lessons that will become in handy in future when faced with challenges. If you’re capable of handling, educating and committing to a work from home schedule, you’re therefore that much closer to understanding human behavior.

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