September 21, 2021


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Time taken to put ideas down into a two paged piece

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A saying goes that time is money, it is a true statement considering each second can be used in a profitable way that brings income or money.
Time taken to put ideas down into a two paged piece

A saying goes that time is money, it is a true statement considering each second can be used in a profitable way that brings income or money. The aspect of time management is a serious form of self-discipline that results in missing out on other things to have a share of those that matter. For example, missing out on the six o’clock sleep extension time and waking up early to jog to attain good health. Different writers have a way of how they plan their daily routines and activities. It all depends on how an artist is accustomed to doing things, experience is the word.

For a scholar to create two

For a scholar to create two pages of words, numerous factors need consideration. Factors like the topic, audience, intention of the writing, and probably the deadline. For instance, penning a two-page paper for a school project or an assignment has a date, so finishing time is enclosed in a duration not set by the writer. What the writer does in such a scenario is to work to beat the deadline. For other writings for example blogs, it is up to the blogger to set their time limit unless they are under a boss who has set a time frame for them.

The topic is another factor to

The topic is another factor to consider for the determination of the amount of time likely to be spent creating a two-page paper. Depending on the complexity of the topic, research may not take the same time for all topics. Contrast a topic concerning Law with one concerning lifestyle and see the difference between them. Law is a bulky line and for a writer to find the exact material they need for their composition, lots of hours will be put into the research. In contrast, lifestyle is a bit freestyle because putting down facts does not have to be very technical and accurately in line with some rules of living.

Time taken to put ideas down into a two paged piece

The type audience supposed to read the piece of art influences time used to write it. If an audience does not understand the language of the composing party, but because they have an interest in passing on a message to them, the writer will go out of their way to translate the work. Such an act requires a great calling of spreading knowledge beyond barriers. Time used in the piece will now be the normal writing time when it will be written in the author’s language plus the translation time to the recipient’s language.

Due to fast economic development, people have got many jobs to cover their bills with ease. Running from a company to another is not an easy task and if such a busy worker wants to write a two-page paper, they may use more time than a free artist. Depending on an author’s schedule, time allocated to the paper may vary and so will the completion time. Some may be parents who have studies in progress plus a job at the same time, juggling between what can wait and what can’t is easy at times.

Jotting down words can be likened to riding a bicycle, when a child is learning how to ride a bike, they tend to be slow and uncertain, but once they know how to ride it, they can compete in races. This is the same case with composing scripted art, depending on how used to a language the editor may be, time will either be longer or shorter to complete a piece. Some are good at speaking English but are not good in its writing. This can be sorted using technology where some gadgets provide for speech recognition. Instead of typing, an author just talks and the speech input will do the rest for them.

Whether by electronic media or by traditional pen and paper method, writing is fun. It can be for academic purposes, job purposes, and leisure. The ability of an artist to pass a message from their mind to a recipient’s without using gestures is considered a measure of intelligence. For young children, several books are recommended for them to read to start being fast in their writing. Learning new vocabularies can help a learner build their speed because a time comes when an idea is in an artist’s mind but the right words to describe it are not available.

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