September 21, 2021


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information on adolescent development

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Adolescence is the period between childhood and adulthood, it is a time when an individual is introduced into the youthful stage.
information on adolescent development

Adolescence is the period between childhood and adulthood, it is a time when an individual is introduced into the youthful stage. At this stage there are many challenges and instances that comes into the way of an adolescent, they are what is referred to challenges adolescents face during their youthful stage. Such difficulties are mostly not easy to be overcome and most of the time leads the individual into problems. Some of the challenges of an adolescent include peer group pressure, poverty, drug abuse and desire for personal liberty. These challenges can be managed to avoid causing harm to their victim.

Peer group pressure is one of

Peer group pressure is one of the most serious challenge adolescents face, this is because everyone has a friend and best friends who advise and help in the choice of plans and strategies. A situation where a person is bond to a group of people who show up behaviors against the norms and values of the community, she or he may be forced into such activities, for example, hanging out with thieves will definately lead you to practice the act because, they will always introduce you and once it is exposed often, the individual is likely to have a change of mind. This is a serious case and if to be avoided, try to eliminate bad friends whose impact is very negative.

information on adolescent development

Desire to be with the opposite sex is a major problem, as one is ushered into the youthful stage, desires increase. When the desire to be with the opposite sex covers the individual up, it has many effects both emotional and physical. The feeling to be with someone is high in an adolescent, it affects the academic excellence and and also the true self of the person. This challenge is being faced by both the male and female and should be given a critical attention to be managed. To eliminated this, try to be of sound mind and avoid keeping ideas of the person you will definately fall in thought with.

Poverty is a serious case faced at the youthful stage, this is common because most adolescent do not have any source of income to care for their basic needs. It is very rampant all over the world and should be well managed. This problem leads most of the youth into irresponsible acts such as robbery, and stealing. To take care of poverty, there should be enough job opportunities available for the youth to engage themselves.

Poor health care is a serious issue associated with adolescents, they face the problem of mental, behavior and emotional conditions which affects their health badly in some ways. Education should be given to the world being parents to help give a proper health care to their wards, the issues addressed needs to be well considered and be given an attention. The same people who face the problems are those we live with, their burdends becomes ours therefore should be given a key attention from now. We will have a good and interesting lifestyle if all these are not found within the people in the nation since adults takes a greater percentage of the population of the world.

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