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Length of an average sentence

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It is made up of words which have different syllables plus punctuation marks that make reading easier.
Length of an average sentence

It is made up of words which have different syllables plus punctuation marks that make reading easier. Punctuation marks are placed immediately after a word to ensure that the right expression of the sentence is conveyed to the reader. To show a command, an exclamation mark is used, a comma signifies a pause while a full stop brings a sentence to an end. A paragraph is made up of six sentences that explain a single point on a topic. Different types of sentences are dependent on what it defines, they are imperative, declarative and interrogative sentences.

A declarative sentence gives a direct

A declarative sentence gives a direct speech, with no form of emotion an example if the book belongs to her. A statement which asks a question directed at a person, which implies the name interrogative carries a question mark always placed at the end. Sentences give normal words to a person it is addressed at with an exclamation that comes behind. They are sentences used in daily life speeches by parents and lecturers. For a good sentence, there should be use of correct punctuation marks for better understanding. Depending on what message is carried by a writer to the audience, the different types are used.

Length of an average sentence

Clauses make up a sentence too, these could depend on another word for strength, or independent. These are words that have a subject plus a verb, a main clause can stand without a phrase alongside another word, while a dependent clause can’t stand without support. The dependent clause is of three types which are nouns, adjectival including adverbial clause. A noun clause performs the job of a noun plus subject in a statement, example is the man told us how he cried, the noun is the host. An adverbial one does the work of an adverb by describing a verb used in a statement.

Phrase build up a sentence, this is a group of words that stand as one to express an idea. There are about eight types of phrases which are gerunds, infinitive, a noun, verbs, appositive, preposition, including participial. The work of a noun plus verb is familiar, other types are rarely known by everyone in English language. Gerund phrases are verbs that have ING as a suffix, but do the work of a noun in a sentence, an illustration is drinking a cup of water is good for children. The word, drinking acts as a gerund phrase in it.

In writing, a sentence should have twenty to twenty-five words as average length before ending it A paragraph should have a maximum of six, with different lengths in each statement to engage readers. The message carried, should not be repetitive to avoid losing interest of an audience making the piece boring. Conjunction is used wherever a sentence looks short, but should not be overused, these are or, not, yet, but strengthened it. A sentence with a good length makes a piece engaging to the audience it is being addressed to. Reading till this part is a big deal, give a good review.

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